· By Matej Harangozo


What's going on, guys? My name is Matej. Another day from Music Biz Daily. I'm doing it for my little business center right here from my hotel in Colorado. Do a little baking/work, whatever you want to call it. You know, get away. Anyways, that's not to stop me from delivering some music business news or strategies to you. So today, what I want to discuss is an article that musicbusinessworldwide.com put out, and it's regarding Distrokid teaming up with Twitch to allow Distrokid members or artists that are distributing through Distrokid to reach the Twitch affiliate designation or label quicker and to be able to participate or earn revenue from the Twitch affiliate revenue program.

Essentially what that means is that on Twitch, if you reach the affiliate status, you can participate in your viewers or your fans giving you bits, which is kind of the tokens, I guess, that you can convert into revenue that Twitch fans can give you, as well as participate in the revenue made from the pre roll ads or mid roll ads in Twitch. And usually what happens is that if you're just streaming on Twitch and you want to reach the affiliate program status, you have to stream for eight separate days, has to be for at least an hour. And you got to have at least three viewers each time when you're streaming online. Once you accomplish that, you'll reach the affiliate status and you're able to participate in the revenue sharing through, like I said, through the Twitch mid roll ads or through Twitch fans or viewers participating, giving you bits as like tips on their platform.

So what Distrokid is doing is that through their partnership, they will enable you, as the artist distributor for Distrokid to regional affiliates status faster. And all you got to do is be a member of Distrokid for at least 30 days, have at least one song distributed, have at least three streams on that song to be eligible for the Twitch affiliate programs through that.

So one question I had that I have the details on is, is there like a Distrokid twitch channel that you're going to be streaming your live stuff through? Or is it your own Twitch channel that you got to connect to Distrokid. I'm actually going to log into a few of our clients, Distrokid accounts, and resurges anyways because it's help for my agency to know. How to kind of connect this together, because Twitch is a new platform that I've made a few videos on and guys should be focusing on the artists and create content on.

So there's still a few questions that I have. But the important thing is, is that they sort of accelerated your ability to be the Twitch affiliate or Twitch affiliate status, which enables the artist or the user of Twitch, the channel to participate in the revenue sharing from those ads and things like that. So I'm going to follow the story, I'm gonna check out Distrokid and try to connect it to my Twitter account or one of our client's Twitch account to see how this goes and report back. But, you know, I think whatever Distrokid is doing is pretty cool with, you know, trying to help independent artists more and more ways to earn revenue and earn it quicker.

One interesting thing, there was also this article, and I don't know how to prove this, there's really no public numbers on how many songs distributed through each independent distributor. But it says that Distrokid is responsible for approximately a third of all the new music released around the globe through digital distribution. That's a huge number. So big ups to Distrokid. They're really doing that. Right. But that means that all the songs that are uploaded to Spotify, Apple Music, and all that, third of that is coming through Distrokid. Where we still got tunecore out there that its major competitors. CD baby, Ditto music is not a major component, but they are definitely competitor. And you got all those invite from distribution platforms like Stem and Sony Orchard and Empire. I mean, there's so many of them, so Distrokid is really doing a third of the volume of all the songs, you know, big congrats to them. And I'm glad they're able to sort of put these additional integrations with these other platforms that will enable artists and producers to earn money. I'm glad that they're doing it. So much respect to Distrokid. I want to follow the story. I'm going to come back with an update. And there's always leave your questions and comments. Share this video with any artist, producer, DJ or anybody in the music industry to see this. If you guys need to figure out what me and my team do, link in the bio description below, and thank you for watching this and as always, I will see you guys tomorrow for another day of Music Biz Daily.