How often should you release music

· By Matej Harangozo

How Often Should You Drop Music?

How often should you release music?

There couple if different factors to consider here:

Your marketing budget is one, the second is your genre. If you study the charts in hip hop, the shelf life of a song is very short. Knowing that, you need to flood the market place and constantly release. EDM is similar in that respect.

With country music, this is not the case. Songs take longer to become number one and they can stay number one for months at a time, similar with gospel. Pop and soul music is somewhere in the middle. With the other genres, you have to understand your niche. All this info is based on the consumer behavior in those particular genres but that's a whole another topic. However, the consumer behavior still remains the same. So for up and coming artists, if you don't have a bare minimum of $1000 per for song for marketing, preferably digital marketing in the beginning stages of your career then don't release a new song. If you're a sophisticated marketer, like our team at Digital Science Media, and understand how to analyze the data you get behind each project from your digital ads, then you can get away with $500 in marketing costs per song.

So ask me again, How Often Should You Release Music?

Based on all these aspects that we just listed, say you're an hip hop artist and you have a $1000 dollars you can spend every week, then you should drop a project every week.

Remember, the $1000 is for marketing. Not your song production or your lyric video, or whatever light visual you decide to create. We promise you that if you spend that much on marketing your songs, and you can only put out 3 songs in 6 months with the proper marketing, you'll be a lot further along then someone putting out 3 full albums or mixtapes in 6 months with virtually no marketing.

Revisit our 90/10 rule for guiding your budgeting and release cycles. 

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