How To Grow Your Spotify Streams Without Getting Shut Down Due To 3rd Party Playlists

· By Matej Harangozo

How To Grow Your Spotify Streams Without Getting Shut Down Due To 3rd Party Playlists

So since Spotify shut down all those songs through distrokid apparently it's up to a million songs right now and I put that video out yesterday. I've been getting a lot of questions about, so how do you achieve Spotify Growth properly so you don't get dinged by using, you know, bad third party playlists with fake streams that are going to shut you down. So what's up, guys? My name is Matej, always music biz daily. Another day for that. But let's talk about how to really grow your Spotify account properly. Right? And one thing I want to, you know, one bug I want to put in your ear before I even get into that deep. Is that why just Spotify? Why not Apple Music? Why not Amazon music? Why not Deezer? Why not Google Play? Why not Pandora? You know, I don't know if you guys knew about Apple Music specifically for hip hop and R&B has way more listeners in the U.S. than Spotify does. Right? But I'm going to ask the question for you. Why not all those other accounts is because they are only paid subscriber’s accounts and the bot farms that exist out there are not going to pay ten dollars a month per account to fake a stream that pays out two thirds of a penny.

You know, I'm saying so there are no services out there that can get you or maybe they are by now. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow they figured it out or somebody financed, you know, a million dollars’ worth of bot Apple Music accounts somehow. But what I wanted to say is that there's not many services out there that'll get you on Apple Music playlists or Amazon music playlists or, you know, fake streams on those where you can purchase like a thousand streams. But let's get into how to achieve Spotify Growth properly, because my digital marketing agency that's only been focusing on for like the last eight months, we literally. And I've been warning you guys about this, I got multiple comments on the video, people acknowledging that I've been talking about this for months, telling people to stay away from any third party playlist because unfortunately, 95 percent of them are bad and is not worth the chance of figuring out the 5 percent that you may find that are good are going to be effective. But what we've been focusing on is direct to consumer marketing. Now, there's no way I could do a video on exactly telling you all the different strategies because we use multiple different types of ads accounts, whether it's Google ads account, Facebook ads account, we even use Snapchat. We’ve even been able to do it through Spotify at studio to basically advertise directly to the consumer and bring them back to your either Spotify profile or the URL directly so they can stream the song and they're interested, targeted, retargeted lookalike audiences. And there's a lot to explain, but it's a slow, progressive growth.

Fortunately, I think most artists are dealing with the fact that they are all not patient. I'm not going to say they're greedy, but that's certainly the case in some scenarios. But they're just impatient and they're not willing to build their pixels properly month over, month over, month to get the best cheapest, highest engaged rate of streaming, real human beings streaming their music, saving their music, following them on Spotify. And guess what? This doesn't only work for Spotify Growth, but this is how we're scaling our clients Apple Music accounts or anything else, ecommerce stores, Tidal. You know, wherever we're directing the traffic, we can figure out a method to create a lookalike audience, retarget. Use the pixel properly and grow it the proper way. But what I'm going to do is this Saturday at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. So I'm giving you all on the West Coast a chance to wake up at noon from whatever you're doing Friday night. But 3:00 p.m. eastern time Saturday, I'm holding a live Q&A in my indie artist accelerator. It’s probably going to be an hour and hour and a half getting deep into the strategies of how we basically advertise artists songs to get real human beings streaming on Spotify and scale their accounts the proper way, which will never get you banned from any platform with his distrokid, CD baby, whatever the case is, and it's going to start happening more and more that artists are going to get shut down by using third party playlists that are giving you fake bot streams. And unfortunately, you can't control that.

So anyways, Saturday, 3:00 p.m. and I know a lot of you watching this are probably not in my indie artist accelerator. So what I decided to do, talk to my business partner about this is that for. As a New Year's sale for the month of January, you can get in for a dollar for the whole month. You get it for a dollar normally at sixty dollars a month to be in my accelerator. But you get it for a dollar. And I would suggest that you get your membership because Saturday, 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, I'm doing an hour, hour and a half what's usually called a live Q&A. But really, this is going to be like a lesson. This is going to be a deep dive into how we advertise for Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music or whatever.

So if you guys don't have the account either, DM me, click the link in my bio. Well, if you click the link in my bio, you don't get the sale link for the dollar. So DM, get your link for a dollar, get in for a dollar, and that's not the only thing going to benefit from. There's already 30 to 40 hours worth of live classes that I've done. Other live Q&As, huge benefit to any independent artists, not just independent artist, even artists at the higher levels. So, again, Saturday, 3:00 p.m. Est, we're talking about Spotify, Apple Music, how to scale your accounts, get your indie artist accelerator membership now for a dollar. DM me and I'll see you guys tomorrow. Peace out.