PreSave PreAdd, & PreOrder campaigns, ARE THEY BENEFICIAL?!

· By Matej Harangozo

PreSave PreAdd, & PreOrder campaigns, ARE THEY BENEFICIAL?!

So I know you guys heard of Preorder a song before your album is released or PreSave or PreAdd on Apple Music and things like that. So let me break down the strategy and why it could be very, very, very beneficial to do a solid PreSave / PreAdd / preorder campaign. For my YouTube watches you probably already know what I'm going to say. If you return and think if you haven't subscribed, please let that subscribe and the notification button. if you watch me for the first time. Definitely, please subscribe. Let me know in the comments what you think about this particular topic, this video. Let me in the comments, what type of videos you would like to see.

If you guys help me growing my channel, I can help you by hiring more resources and having more time on my hands to do a lot more research. Get a lot more direct experience with all of our clients trying new strategies? Come back with more videos multiple times a day. Help them with your career. So again, please PreSave I'm not PreSave. Subscribe, hit the notification button like this video or dislike it, whatever it's on you. Comment and let's get and discuss today's topic. What's going on, guys. My name is Matej. Another day for MusicBizDaily, and let me break this strategy down. Right, because we've done this now over dozens and dozens of times. It's a strategy that can be very beneficial, depending on which platform you're doing on.

But let me kind of wrote some notes down, make sure I cover everything because things are constantly changing. New things are becoming available. So let me break down PreSave strategy, which PreSave the technical term is for Spotify. PreAdd is a technical term on Apple Music, PreOrder for iTunes, for Google Play, Amazon Music, MP3 and things like that. So let's kind of break down why these are beneficial. So if you do PreSave or PreAdd on Spotify and Apple Music, you get to trigger the algorithm. We've done a number of campaigns where we got over a thousand PreSave for Spotify & day one. 

When the song came out, the release rate our playlist, literally Scar row the song, and it got twenty thousand in some cases all the way up to the latest release with of our clients. It got a quarter million streams within the first week off of just that algorithmic playlist. So that can be very beneficial. On Apple Music what happens is if you do enough of PreAdds, you can get on radio stations like the Beats one radio or the Ebro in the morning. A lot of different playlists. Obviously, if you're in the country music genre, you can get on the country music, radio, things like that.

On top of that, as you running this PreAdd campaign well ahead of time, at least 30 days ahead of time, you can create a lot of shazams before the song even hits. Why is that beneficial? Shazam has its own charts. Labels, watch Shazam numbers. You know, I mean, you guys already know whether you prefer that you guys stay independent for as long as you can or forever. But that's one benefit. Another benefit is that you just get on Shazam charts, period, when the song comes out. You know, I'm saying to be the top pop song, when Shazam starts first week in the US. That's different from the iTunes charts, different from the Spotify charts, different from obviously the billboard charts, can be very beneficial.

Next thing you know, you can get on other algorithmic playlists on Spotify for PreSave if you get enough of them. The radio station and you can also have a better chance, better probability of getting on a curated playlist from Spotify. Doesn't necessarily have to be the first week, the new music Friday. In order to do that, you've got to have the label connections or B, you've got to have some numbers already on Spotify consistently way prior to that. But there's plenty of other curated Spotify playlists that if you make the songs successful by priming the algorithms in the beginning through a solid preset campaign, you get a couple hundred thousand streams off the top. Maybe week to maybe week three, your songs will being added to particular Spotify curated playlist. That's another benefit.

Let me keep going. You can create incentive campaigns. You know, obviously the way we do it at our agency, we do direct to consumer ads from a number of platforms. Generally, the ones that give us the lowest cost per PreSave or PreAdd with the highest engagement possible. You know, I'm not going to get any deeper into that. But we do what we do best. We can get the good price. So we generally do direct to consumer ads. But another way you could do it is you can do incentives. You can ask your existing fans, retarget them and say we're giving twenty five dollars cash to every fifteenth person that has this, you know, songs or PreSaves it. You can get free merch.

This is better for preorders obviously. If somebody preorders your album for ten dollars, send them a free T-shirt. What that does, it again primes the algorithm. You make some money before the album or, you know, the CD, the album. The EP comes out and you have people wearing your merch, free advertising. You know, I'm saying now keep in mind that PreOrder will be phased out, well, not PreOrder. ITunes is going to be phased out in 2021. So if Google Play still remains and Amazon music, MP3 still remains or you know the ability to buy a physical CD which will they'll print out on demand and send it to the client. If that remains, you can still do a PreOrder campaign on those platforms. But these things are going to be phased out over time.

But trust me, they're going to be one platform that stays. That thing is going to be Amazon. That's going to always going to be able to deliver a physical CD or you'll be able to buy the digital MP3 version of the album or the single. So there's a lot of incentive based or content based campaigns. You can run around PreSaves or PreReleases if you do it long, you know, well in advance of the release date, thirty to forty five days out. And the last thing is, is that what you guys probably didn't know, Or maybe you do. And this is the way we set up these particular campaigns to make sure that every person that PreAdds or PreSaves the song gets what you get. 

You get their email address, their name and their location. And that itself has its value. You can retarget all those people selling more merch. You have a list of emails from particular regions of where they are. So when you do a concert, you can hit them up that way you can just hit them up to be part of your newsletter. You can hit them up through email, give them, you know, offer them exclusive stuff, maybe get them to sign on your Patreon, twitch. Whatever else you got going on. Email list is powerful. Later, that can be converted to a phone number list, even more powerful, more engaging, especially for the younger demographics and so on and so forth.

So solid PreSave, PreAdd / PreOrder campaign on these platforms can be very beneficial, but you have to be strategic about it. It's not the cheapest thing, you know, I'm saying you will spend a couple thousand dollars, just in ad cost to generate a couple thousand or maybe even a couple of hundred PreSave and PreAdds on Apple Music and Spotify, depending on how experienced you are as a marketer and you know, how intricate your ad structures are. But you know it is what it is. But you know, for labels, for sure, the bigger clients that we have, we do these prices are very beneficial.

And I'm going to leave you guys with that. If you have any questions always put in the comments. Share this video with somebody who needs to see it. And let me know what you think. Have any one of you guys ran a PreSave campaign? What have you gotten out of it? I want to know. Put it in the comments. As always I'm going to leave you with that. If you want to know what we do link in the bio in the description below. And I'll see you guys tomorrow, as always, for another day of MusicBizDaily.