Why Use A Calendar

· By Matej Harangozo

Why Should Musicians Use Their Calendar?

Why Use A Calendar?

This one is so simple you would think that people that use smartphones would have figured this out. 

Use a calendar and value peoples time!

We have never met a successful and wealthy person that didn't use a calendar or that was constantly late. Now are there some rich jerks out there they always show up late and think that's its cool to be fashionably late. However, they probably have a staff of people taking care of their dirty work who are always on time, are punctual, and use calendars. So if you want to be a jerk, continue as you are. 

Why Use A Calendar, you ask? 

Using a calendar is a core building block for being successful. 

If you can't get that one right, it's unlikely you'll ever be able to manage a team of people. If you can't manage a team of people, your independent music career is unlikely to ever take off. 

At that point, the only chance you have is to be under a record label who will supply you with baby sitters to hopefully manage your time for you but also charging you a crazy fee to do so.   

Our recommendation is to use Google calendar and integrate that with your iPhone. Make that your primary calendar to use because you can easily generate video meeting links through it, you can attach files, Google map locations, and much more.

Over time, being religious about using your calendar will save you a lot of time.  Look, we can lose money and make that back, but once you lose time, you can never make that back.

So again you ask, Why Use A Calendar? 

It doesn't matter if you are having a lunch with you cousin or a family member, put it on your calendar.

Having a meeting with a producer to discuss a new project?

Put it on your calendar.

Have to pay your credit card bills car insurance on the 8th of every month?

Put it on your calendar.

Want to start reading a new book or write a new song?


Simple as that. Use your damn calendar and use it effectively!! 

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