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“They do a really great job, aside from the fact that they offer really amazing customer service, they are able to get our ads down to a penny per click, or below a penny per click, and that really important to my clients because everyone that I work with is independent” ~ Wendy Day

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Digital Science Media
is a digital marketing agency in Baltimore Maryland that provides a full range digital marketing services to clients in the entertainment industry. So whether you are an independent artist, producer, DJ, business or influencer with a podcast or other digital products, we got you covered. We deliver the highest caliber of service and personalization to every client and project. 


How Evolution has affected Music TEDxWinterPark

Do you know the difference between Beethoven and Jay-Z? See a great delivery of how our own humanity has created the evolution of music and it's technology for creation & consumption.

Digital Marketing to Succeed in Business TEDxWinterPark

There are a few major components to a successful business with longevity. Identifying what solutions you will bring to the marketplace that actually solves a problem is very important. Once the feasibility for your solution is identified, creating the demand for that solution in a strategic way, to sustain your business model, is also very important.


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