Musical Entrepreneur Matej Harangozo Unveils the Indie Artist Accelerator

· By Sarah Frye

Musical Entrepreneur Matej Harangozo Unveils the Indie Artist Accelerator

Get the mentoring you need to build a successful career in the music industry by joining hundreds of artists in the first of its kind music business accelerator. Enroll today.  

BALTIMORE, MD –– Serial entrepreneur and music enthusiast Matej Harangozo and his business partner Tolu Owoyemi have launched an Indie Artist Accelerator that is making waves across the U.S. and around the world. It is an interactive, artist-forward business community to further disrupt the music industry and empower artists to turn their passion into a sustainable career. 

Indie Artist Accelerator is an online digital incubator that serves as a roadmap to success for independent artists. 

"I find that independent artists consistently face the same challenges: They are passionate about their art and great at creating music, but they do not know how to increase and convert their online fanbase into real revenue, or know very little about the actual business ” Harangozo said. "I teach them how to make it on their own. I teach them how to look at themselves a little bit more like a business than as an artist. Because of that — major labels don't like my business model. I'm disrupting the structure they've built and relied on for decades and making it easier for artists to get their fair share of the pie." 

Led by Harangozo, the Indie Artist Accelerator provides unlimited access to the following features:

  • Live weekly group video coaching sessions/calls
  • Discounts and access to vetted services/programs that artists need such as legal services, creator services, superphone, famepick, tube-buddy, etc.
  • Discounts on Digital Science Media’s digital marketing services
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for artists
  • Early access to groundbreaking research
  • Live Q&A sessions with Harangozo and other industry experts

Artists can enroll for a fee of $59.95 per month. Little over 400 have already registered for the program, and new members are joining daily.

To learn more about how you can enroll in the Indie Artist Accelerator, call Digital Science Media at 443.812.6018 or email

About Matej Harangozo

Harangozo is the creator and founder of Open Source Entertainment and Digital Science Media, a website driven to help independent artists, producers, DJs, and influencers become noticed in the ever-changing-and-evermore-difficult music industry. He saw a need in the music industry for a no-nonsense, practical approach to teaching music business and marketing (an open source way of sharing relevant information for independent artists and giving them access to vetted service providers that can help them get their career off the ground). Harangozo and his company have represented breakout artists including Hello Sister, China Mac, the gospel record label Black Smoke Music, and many others under the hip hop industry legend Wendy Day to name a few.


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