Music Industry Essentials: Song Registration, Royalties, Platforms, and Revenue Streams


The class covers a wide range of topics related to the music industry. It begins by discussing current events and activities happening during the week, such as music releases and industry news. The class then dives into the process of registering your songs and obtaining an IPI name, which are crucial steps in protecting your intellectual property as a songwriter or publisher. It also explains the process of registering with BMI, a performing rights organization, and how to check the percentages and royalties associated with your registered songs. The class covers the concept of screen sharing, which is useful for presenting information and collaborating remotely. It provides guidance on getting started on digital platforms relevant to the music industry. The class delves into the competitive landscape of the music industry, known as the real estate, and explores different ways to make money from performing, such as live performances and merchandise sales. It touches upon valuing one's time and understanding the costs associated with using industry services.

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