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Do you know the difference between Beethoven and Jay-Z? See a great delivery of how our own humanity has created the evolution of music and its technology for creation & consumption. Our Species Evolution has completely affected our creation & Consumption of Music. Our founder Matej Harangozo breaks down this topic during his TEDx talk in Orlando Florida. 


DIGITAL Marketing For Musicians, is and has been for the last 5 years the cheapest way to market products, content and brands, compared to almost all other marketing methods. But it's not the end all be all. Physical marketing and networking, or better yet your network, are crucially important especially in the music industry. And for that reason it's very important to understand when and how to deploy these different strategies or the 3 PILLARS OF MUSIC MARKETING . This video breaks all that down for you.


HOW TO BUILD REAL ARTIST DEMAND, KILLER CAMPAIGN CASE STUDYThis one is on me guys!😎 $1 MILLION DOLLARS💰💰📈 worth of game and knowledge right here. I go behind the scenes of a pretty cool campaign to let you independent artists. managers and producers to see how things really get done.Of course this is just one of many marketing strategies, but one that I prefer because there is no second guessing. everything is backed up by data and reality. 😎📊📈Make sure you follow @jon_ose and click the link in his profile to check out the song "Say Yes" or simply click on this link to check it out on all platforms ==