Hello Sister

Social Media Growth Campaign

C H A L L E N G E :
Hello Sister approached us seeking rapid growth in genuine
followers across their multiple social media channels. This urgency
was driven by their single "Middle Schooler" being showcased on
the Disney Channel in early 2020. They partnered with us in March
2020, having previously been misled by a marketing firm that
delivered only traffic from the Philippines and Brazil.

S O L U T I O N :

We crafted tailored campaigns that significantly grew their fan
base in key strategic regions, specifically the US and Canada. Over
the subsequent years, we consistently re-engaged these fans,
capitalizing on opportunities such as regional tours and brand


1753% Increase in followers
Verified after strategic PR being in
place and submitting for verification

Instagram -Insights

  • 7.5k followers in under a week
  • 60k+ profile visit increase
  • 700+ website visit increase
  • 1.3 Million impressions
  • Consistent Metrics
  • Followers in same country as artist.

Certain strategies require a marketing blitz, especially when gearing up for a multi-city tour.

See example below



Sustained growth across both platforms is achieved by
consistently sharing organic content and perpetually
advertising top-performing posts.


From the onset, we strategically promoted their leading singles on YouTube, fine-tuning based on significant engagement metrics to cultivate genuine fans and maintain active subscribers.