Spotify is releasing a HI-FI streaming service later in 2021

· By Matej Harangozo

Spotify is releasing a HI-FI streaming service later in 2021

What's going on, guys? My name is Matej. Another day for MusicBizDaily. And I just want to tell you that the music business never stops for you. It's always going to continue to go forward every single day. So even though I'm not in my studio, as you can see, I'm traveling. I'm in a hotel. I still got to continue to give you the latest on the music business or let you know what me and my team are, you know, working on. If it's something awesome. So today's news has to do with Spotify again. But you just see that they're constantly moving and grinding. Like I said, the music business does not stop for anybody.

But Spotify has announced on February 22nd that they're going to be releasing their HI-FI version of their subscription service. Now, I'm personally very excited about it because I used to subscribe to Tidal's HI-FI version of their subscription service for two reasons. One, because Tidal was the only service at the time that had the HI-FI, you know, lossless, I'll get into that in a second. Lossless FLAC files, really, they're just forty four point one kilohertz, sixteen bit files, same CD quality. They can stream and I can tell because i have a trained ear music engineer, audio engineer. But also because Jay-Z for the longest time he didn't want to put his music anywhere else except on Tidal. Because he owned it.

And so I'm a fan of Jay-Z. I started out with Tidal as my first streaming service, believe it or not. Anyways, the day Jay-Z decided to put all of the songs on all the major streaming platforms, which I think was a good move on his part. Because Tidals not doing so well and it was his fiftieth birthday when he did it that was literally the week I stopped subscribing to Tidal. And I literally subscribed to Spotify and I just love Spotify features, my ability to create my own playlist, whatever music I want on there, all of that. So needless to say, I'm personally excited about Spotify releasing their HI-FI version of their subscription service now. 

And not getting into detail in terms of what quality of songs you'll be able to stream of just say CD quality. And let me get back to that term lossless. Because that can be confusing, depending on what type of file you're streaming. Because technically Lossless is uncompressed audio, but for example, Tidal uses a FLAC file and even the FLAC file can reproduce audio in like I think sixty four thousand kilohertz. And I think like thirty two bits of music, there's sort of a limit of forty eight K and twenty four bits of music. Because there's no encoder that I know of at thirty two bits and you don't really recorded sixty four thousand kilohertz. You do at 48k. You do it at 96k 192k if you do like an orchestra or like a Blu-ray movie or things like that.

So I'm hoping that Spotify is going to be a little bit above and beyond and not going to use a FLAC file which is sort of limited. But they'll use true lossless audio, meaning that if somebody records, like I said earlier, at ninety six kilohertz and even sixty four bits, which some of the new systems, Protools HDs as in the new AND converter interfaces can handle, that will be awesome. Because I know that the regular consumer won't be able to on difference, but I'll be able to tell the difference. 

And so this is why I want to be selfish and I want to say that I wish that Spotify, with the new subscription for the HI-FI the higher quality fidelity, you know, music or whatever you call it, is going to go a little bit above what Tidal is doing what Amazon music is doing. They got a premium version. I think Deezer has a HI-FI version as well that you can purchase. And that if they tried to HI-FI streaming version of Amazon music with my Alexa speakers and I can actually tell the difference between, you know, the the hi fi version of a song compared to the compressed MP3 version that you get an Amazon music or Spotify.

Just LIKE I can tell that if I put a CD in my WELL fiancé's car, because you got a CD player I don't want any more in my new vehicle. That music sounds better and higher quality and higher fidelity in my ears than if I play the same exact track from Spotify, so again, I don't want to make this video too long. I'm excited for Spotify releasing this later this year. We don't have all the details about what quality is going to be. Like I said, I hope it's true lossless, which will create some complexities when it comes to uploading your music to digital distribution platforms and things like that.

Just like I said, lossless can technically be a one hundred ninety two kilohertz, sixty four bits, which is a little bit of overkill when you know, back to the master of music. But since our Internet is getting faster, computers are getting faster and, you know, processes within them and all of that, why not go that direction? I'm saying you got 4k TV's, you got 8K TV's, you got camera's and recorder 8K all of this. So music needs to catch up. You know, I'm sort of I'm not surprised, but I am I'm not surprised because the consumer can't tell the difference between these different sound qualities, many of the consumers can.

But like I said, the high fidelity music has been around. And it's sort of what happen with streaming came around is that, it went from CD quality, which was pretty damn good quality, and they reduced it by compressing all these different songs. The streaming platforms and the quality was reduced. But I guess the consumer's talking, you know, the demand, the market will never lie. And the market is saying, according to Spotify that they're most requested feature by their users to date has been the HI-FI subscription package, basically. So there it is. We'll leave you guys with that. 

If you have any questions on this particular subject since I'm the audio engineer, I'm a nerd, I could talk about this all day the different quality conversions, compression, FLAC files, whatever. Ask me in the comments. If you want to share this video with whoever needs to see it. Please share it, save it for later, watch it. And if you guys need to know what me and my team do, link in the bio or in the description below. And as always, I will see us guys tomorrow for another Day of MusicBizDaily.